28 man days of testing in just 16 hours

28 man days of testing in just 16 hours

Project Summary

MiX Telematics identified 680+ test cases under its web-based DynaMix Fleet Management product offering, as candidates for Automated Testing. Inspired Testing was consulted to identify possible solutions to increase effective test coverage and testing turnaround time.


MiX Telematics




South Africa


Automated Software Regression Testing

Client Overview

Originally founded in 1996, MiX Telematics is a global company specialising in fleet management, driver safety and vehicle tracking technologies. The Group provides solutions in over 120 countries and across six continents, with particular focus on the Oil & Gas, Bus & Coach and Transport & Logistics industries. MiX Telematics Consumer Services provides personal safety and stolen vehicle recovery solutions to the South African consumer market. MiX Telematics offers solutions to over 450 000 active mobile assets and employs more than 1 000 individuals worldwide, with offices in South Africa, the UK, US, Uganda, Brazil, Australia and the UAE.


Inspired Testing assigned one team of nine Automation Scripters and a Team Lead. A dedicated Product Owner from the MiX Telematics team was also identified. Inspired testingTused its in-house UTA-H automation framework and work cycles took place in the form of two-week Sprints. Backlog grooming, Sprint planning, progress reports, reviews and Sprint retrospectives were integral components of the project.

After improvement

  • 28 days of testing in 16 hours for 500 test cases.
  • Automated Regression Testing of 16 hours vs Manual Test Execution of 28 days.
  • 80 defects identified from backlog test cases alone.

Benefit to the client after implementation

  • UTA-H is cost-effective and easily adaptable.
  • No license costs versus competing automation tools.
  • Customised reporting.
  • Rapid deployment with lean requirements.
  • Parallel execution across multiple execution machines.
  • Recognising the need to increase the burn rate of Inspired Testing’s Automation Testing team, MiX Telematics requested that the resource allocation be doubled for an additional six months. Inspired Testing allocated two teams, each with nine Automation Scripters and two Project Leads to complete the project.