Inspiring others to be all that they can be

09 Dec 2022
Inspiring others to be all that they can be

Nictjie Singleton is currently a Senior Test Analyst at Inspired Testing, a Dynamic Technologies group company. She took on this temporary role in order to learn more about automation, a move that will help her when she moves into her new position as a Lead Test Analyst. She is also currently doing a test automation course to further her knowledge and understanding of that field. Although the responsibilities of a Lead Test Analyst are diverse, one of the most important is to guide and mentor testers to ensure they deliver testing of the highest standard.

A Lead Test Analyst is responsible for so many facets of the testing process, including:

  • Create test plans, test strategy documents and test progress reports
  • Communicate with stakeholders
  • Mentor and guide the test team
  • Review testing and test cases
  • Ensure the quality of the system under test
  • Defect management
  • Test estimations
  • People management
  • Applying agile methodologies

Nictjie strives to always be an inspiration to those she works with, and she is determined to continue growing her skills, knowledge, and capabilities. She says, “Although I have attended a vast number of courses over the years, I started off with self-studies to learn more about testing. I have three testing certifications as well as the ISTQB Advanced Test Manager qualification and an NQF Level 5 Higher Certificate in Management Practice.” In addition to this, Nictjie has also received recognition in the form of awards and nominations for going above and beyond. But what inspires her?

She says, “My sons are my motivation. I have been a single parent for most of their lives, and I have always believed that if I am a good example to them then they will also work hard and want to do better and improve. Seeing how proud they are of me and what I have accomplished, is all the motivation I need.”

While Nictjie expects a lot from her team, she also believes in leading by example and says, “I hold the quality of my work to a very high standard, and I expect the same from my team. They must be proud of what they are doing because it will determine their career and reputation.” The value of a good mentor and role model has always been clear to Nictjie, and she says, “I have had a couple of mentors that played a big role in the growth of my career. They all inspired me in their own way, in different situations, to be better and do better. I still strive to live up to their expectations.” Because of these positive influences, becoming an official mentor herself was a natural step. “I am very excited to say that I will be involved in the intern programme from February 2023. I have had sessions with the relevant stakeholders, and we have started the process. I am thrilled to have an opportunity to guide and help others.”

One of the things Nictjie values most about working at Inspired Testing are the opportunities that are made available to her, and the support she gets from her line managers. She says, “They listen to all our ideas and suggestions, and I feel that I am heard.” Her involvement with the Inspired Testing Culture Champion Group stems from this experience. The group is a working committee whose aim is to improve the testing team’s overall experience at the client, at the office, or while working from home. Their focus is on changing, improving, and enhancing the work culture, not only for testers and consultants but for all employees of Inspired Testing, something she is passionate about.

Nictjie also recently joined the Test Advisory Guild, which was created to assist Inspired Testing’s consultants with everyday project engagements, coding issues, and stakeholder management guidance. They also carry out assessments and provide guidance for advancement in career paths, amongst other things.

Her advice for anyone entering the tech industry is not to let anyone make you feel that you are not valuable or worth their time. She says, “If you are passionate about testing, learn as much as you can and enjoy your work. If you can learn one new thing every day, then you are adding value. Never stop learning and remember that one day you could be someone else’s inspiration!