Bas Dijkstra on Test Automation

11 Aug 2022
Bas Dijkstra on Test Automation

Bas Dijkstra, Director of Inspired Academy, is a test automation consultant and trainer with 16 years of experience. Here, we’ve gathered a collection of Bas’s articles and videos on Test Automation to give you a taste of his expertise.

6 Articles on Test Automation You Should Read

My definition of test automation

“What do you talk about when you talk about ‘test automation?’” Learn more about Bas’s definition of test automation.

A test automation learning path

Software testers need at least some knowledge about test automation. This article outlines what Bas considers a good learning path for becoming a test automation engineer.

Why it’s (still) so difficult for testers to learn test automation

Creating good test automation solutions requires that a test automation engineer should not only be able to write code in languages like Java, C#, or Python but should also understand software development patterns and object-oriented software development (OOD). In short, test automation is software development. In the article, Bas also recommends great sources to learn the fundamentals of OOD.

With test automation, it’s not the tool that matters

Many popular test automation tools have come and gone, while others are still in use today. Prevent the need to learn a new tool every few years by focussing on developing your skills rather than learning a tool.

Test Automation Training is broken. Here’s how to fix it.

An in-depth look into the problems of test automation training (maybe you’ve run into some?), and how to solve them.

How to hire true test automation craftsmen

You want to be more than a mere tester; you want to be recognised as a skilled member of the team. Read Bas’s insight into hiring high-quality test automation professionals and make sure you align with his advice to land a job in an environment that will value your skills.

Bas joins Jos Åkesson and Martin Mazur on a live stream for 1337 Tech, asking the question: “Do we really need a test automation engineer?” and discussing his experience during his career.

James Bach and Michael Bolton join Bas to discuss: How to remain relevant as a software tester.

Bas joined Testflix to discuss the topic “There’s no such thing as ‘no code’.

Bonus: Quality Sense Podcast

Listen to Bas’s thoughts on how to become a better test automation specialist, build reliable automated tests, and his book recommendation for productivity.

Bas Dijkstra

About Bas

Bas is currently the Director of the Inspired Academy. Before joining, he was active in the test automation field for some 15 years, first as an engineer, but more recently mostly as a trainer and consultant.

He has delivered test automation training to a wide range of companies and conference attendees in the Netherlands as well as globally, to excellent reviews.

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