Greg Naidoo joins Inspired Testing to spearhead recruitment drive

04 Feb 2020
Greg Naidoo joins Inspired Testing to spearhead recruitment drive
Greg Naidoo joins Inspired Testing to spearhead recruitment drive
Greg Naidoo as its new Head of Talent Acquisition.

Inspired Testing, a wholly-owned subsidiary of software and technology group Dynamic Technologies, has appointed talent recruitment specialist Greg Naidoo as its new Head of Talent Acquisition.

Naidoo joins the company tasked with accelerating its upward growth trajectory, with a view to significantly boosting both the quality and quantity of incoming and existing employees, and positioning Inspired Testing as the go-to destination for software testing career development.

“There’s a perception that South Africa doesn’t have the numbers when it comes to talented local software testers, and I’m here to squash that perception,” says Naidoo.

“Wherever I’ve worked for the past two decades, finding the numbers was never a problem, but attracting the very best – and inspiring the latent talent within an organisation – that’s where the real challenge sits.”

Naidoo says the main areas where companies struggle with new recruits is navigating the available talent pool while keeping their statutory, legal and compliance requirements in check.

“In a country like ours where the unemployment numbers are stratospheric, it’s inevitable that some level of desperation will creep in to the recruitment process on both sides of the table, from companies wanting to fast-track talent acquisition, to prospective employees fudging or falsifying their credentials in order to appear more appealing,” he explains.

“I’ve always taken the view that recruitment is not a one-way process, a test of wills between potential employer and employee, because from the very first engagement we need to set the tone for what we both would want to be a rewarding and enriching relationship.”

From an employer’s perspective, Naidoo says there are a few things Inspired Testing does differently to set the right tone.

“We create a sense of comradery from the very first job interview, not because it’s hip or modern, but because it goes to the very essence of how we as a company became a software quality assurance success story, not only in South Africa but also in the UK and further afield. Instead of pulling up a set of questions for job applicants, we pull out a whiteboard and jump straight into a brainstorming session. More often than not, applicants feel so energised by the process they tell us they want to come back for more, even if we don’t hire them!”

According to Naidoo, this also creates a welcoming environment unlike the often rigid and strenuous environments new applicants are likely to encounter.

Creating brand ambassadors

Inspired Testing recently rebranded its longstanding Learnership and Internship programs for matriculants and university graduates, creating a new Graduate Development Program that seeks to raise awareness around career path and job opportunities in software testing in schools and universities.

Alongside established strategic partnerships with industry leaders such as iTWeb and CareerWeb, the new program will extend the company’s reach beyond prequalified talent sources.

“We don’t just want to pick from the pick of the crop, so to speak, because talent is everywhere,” says Naidoo. “In my many years of working inside and consulting to banks and telcos I know that some of the very best people aren’t even aware of the software testing career opportunities open to them outside the so-called traditional software and IT environments.”

Naidoo says the ultimate goal is not only to find the talent, but to create brand ambassadors.

“I don’t just want people to know who we are, I want to create brand ambassadors for Inspired Testing,” he says. “I don’t want people to fill out forms or submit resumes, I want them to pick up the phone and speak to a real person, or email me directly.”

As much as software testing is a technical vocation, ultimately, says Naidoo, it’s all about people solving problems and finding solutions and delivering impeccable service.

“Yes, training and mentorship and certifications are important, but so is balance and opportunity,” he adds. “Our work as software testers needs to fit in with and enhance our lifestyles, not the other way around. We also want people to have a clear sight of their career prospects by constantly creating opportunities for them to reach their personal goals. One way we do that successfully is by giving them global exposure with direct access to clients in the UK and EU, and even work opportunities abroad should they want them.”

Naidoo joins Inspired Testing on the back of a five-year career as owner and principal consultant in his own IT consulting talent recruitment business. Prior to starting his company, Naidoo was headhunted from a successful position at Micro to Mainframe to manage the digital and mobile resourcing portfolio into Africa for Barclays Bank.

Inspired Testing’s disruptive global testing model offers a revitalised alternative to outdated traditional offshore models. With a scalable pool of 260 SQA professionals in the UK and South Africa, the company’s strength lies in knowing how to structure, execute and automate testing. The company’s ISO 27001 certification and its alignment to the UK/EU GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) ensures full protection of critical personal data. Inspired Testing uses a unique combination of experience, technique and blended onshore offshore delivery capabilities to provide expert software testing across most platforms, devices and environments.

Inspired Testing is a wholly owned subsidiary of Dynamic Technologies, a software and technology group with 1 100+ staff and 14 group companies across the UK and South Africa, providing a diverse range of technology solutions, digital services and related core competencies. Dynamic Technologies’ group companies comprise Blue Pencil Consulting; Blue Pencil Creative; CloudSmiths; DotModus; DVT; DVT Academy: Dynamic DNA; Dynamic Talent; Emerald Consulting; EventSmiths; IndigoCube; Inspired Testing; SparkSmiths; and Swarm.

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