Automated Software Testing for UK SMEs - Improving product quality with limited resources

19 Mar 2018
Automated Software Testing for UK SMEs - Improving product quality with limited resources

LONDON, UK, 12 March 2018 - For many technology and software companies, especially those in the early stages of growth, product testing, quality, time to market, budget and resource constraints can make the process of shipping a working solution to customers a complex and difficult task. Software test automation is one way to reduce time to market and overheads associated with product quality. DVT UK Ltd offer a new approach to helping Small to Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs) gain rapid traction with outsourced software testing in the UK set against a limited resources environment.

We launched an outsourced software testing package designed for small to medium businesses looking for a complete testing service.

Disruption pressure Vs product quality

Many UK companies and markets are undergoing massive change. Banking, insurance, finance, health, retail and media are all being revolutionised by disrupter and challenger new entrants who are using new technologies, platforms and APIs to deliver new products in shorter time scales and often delivered across multiple app, web, cloud and mobile platforms. This presents a unique set of challenges as these companies want to deliver a great customer experience, with greater assurance and quicker time to market while maintaining a continuous development and delivery model.

London based Bruce Zaayman, Director of Client Engagement at DVT UK, one of the leading automated software testing companies in the UK, outlined, “We see the software testing challenges faced by SMEs and large clients on a daily basis. Many UK SME disruptor & challenger tech companies face a dynamic set of challenges and are totally focused on design, customer UI UX and making sure they deliver a product that is right first time, every time. This is where a local, UK outsource software testing partner can play a big part in the success story of companies as they can outsource and share in the burden this challenge presents.

Software Testing in the UK - A new kind of deal

Chris Wilkins, Chairman of DVT Group stated, “We noticed that when we talked about affordable UK based outsource testing options for this community there was not much choice. So we launched an outsourced software testing package designed for small to medium businesses looking for a complete testing service. The DVT GTC (Global Testing Centre) Lite Package gives SMEs automation regression and performance testing a more affordable price point, without compromising on service or quality”.

The launch of DVT’s new GTC Lite Package provides small to medium enterprises full access to DVT’s Global Testing Centre over a 12-month contract period, including dedicated testers and a broad range of mobile devices, for testing almost any app on any software platform, using DVT’s expert testing framework.

Zaayman concluded, “We’ve bundled many of our more advanced services, including unrestricted access to DVT’s open source testing framework, our extensive repository of current mobile devices, and free access to automation and performance testing tools, into a packaged solution, at a highly competitive monthly fee. We are also offering GTC Lite clients an added-value Proof of Concept for two weeks to demonstrate that their investment in automated regression testing will be invaluable to their business”.

UK clients like our software testing outsource service model

Doddle is a team on a mission to transform package delivery services in the UK. They are disputing the way to get packages into peoples’ hands quickly, easily and reliably. Gary O’Connor, Doddle Chief Technology Officer, said: “We were introduced to DVT as a solutions provider who could help us to find a way to automate a lot of our software testing. They’ve provided very practical and efficient solutions, enabling us to focus on our customers”.

“We were challenged to find a way to overcome the physical scanning speed of Doddle’s Android-based parcel scanning device, which was too fast to allow testing scripts to run properly,” says Jaco van der Merwe, CEO of DVT. “We’ve been able to develop a practical solution for regression testing and test automation service that met with Doddle’s high standards and requirements. He concluded, “Being based in South Africa, we enjoy close similarities in work culture, work ethic and spoken language, allied to a convenient time zone, that allows our teams to regularly collaborate with one another.”

Being local but thinking global

DVT developed new test cases for some of Doddle’s new software builds, with automated scripts that continually test the integrity of new builds almost as soon as they’re released by Doddle’s developers. Test results are automatically sent back to Doddle for review, and when necessary the teams video conference to discuss upcoming changes, updates or changes to the test automation process.

“We’ve only had positive feedback from Doddle so far, which is testament to the work we’ve put in to create a global hub for advanced software testing, quality assurance and test automation,” said Jacques Fouche, Director of Testing Services, who concluded, “UK companies focusing on radically changing markets with new and novel products are looking at different product testing and outsource options to suit changing circumstances, reduce costs, improve efficiencies and become more competitive both locally and globally. We applied that same maxim to our own operations, being a local UK testing partner with a Global Testing Centre that can cater for all our client needs.

About DVT UK

DVT was founded in 1999 and offers high quality software testing which includes automation, performance and functional testing, software development and digital transformation solutions. The DVT UK testing and outsource service portfolio ranges from automated software testing, automated regression testing, cross browser testing, device testing, performance testing and API testing. The DVT Global Testing Centre (GTC) offers its clients a managed outsourced testing service utilising a proprietary software testing framework, which is built on open source components compatible with most continuous integration tools backed by 19 years’ experience and client base all over the world. UK clients with software quality assurance issues, time to market pressure and outsourced automated regression testing needs can tap into variety of pricing and support models in the knowledge that 600+ experience staff will be focused on every aspect of their testing assurance and delivery requirements. Learn more at


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