Legal Giant Taps into Inspired Testing Specialist Elite 3E Expertise

01 Jun 2023
Elite 3E specialists assist legal giant

One of the world’s largest law firms, with more than 190 locations and 10,000 lawyers, recently embarked on a programme to migrate all locations to a single finance and practice management solution, Thomson Reuters Elite 3E. While the firm prides itself on its diverse make-up of multiple locations, it saw the value of a unified global practice management solution rather than multiple standalone applications. The complexity of the law environment makes any type of software upgrade or migration a daunting task, and the law firm required talent augmentation by people that have experience and expertise not only in legal software and its complexities but Elite 3E in particular.

Inspired Testing is known as one of the world’s foremost Elite 3E consultancies and is perfectly suited to provide services for a project of this magnitude. The scale of the project made manual testing unfeasible, and the client identified various opportunities for automation in its processes which would improve efficiency, cost, and quality gains. The client required a flexible resource partner to augment its existing teams during this programme. Inspired Testing’s Talent Augmentation service gave the client access to its Elite 3E specialists, who have strong legal process knowledge, and the experience to understand complex financial and technical processes, and could translate them into strong, robust, and extendible test cases.

There are multiple benefits to test automation and using flexible talent augmentation allows clients access to automation expertise, which is especially beneficial to clients who don’t have software testing as a core focus. Talent augmentation allows experienced automation engineers to seamlessly slot into existing teams, providing their expertise, and sharing their knowledge with the team who will continue taking care of the new software implementation long after the augmentation agreement has ended. This provides a sustainable, long-term solution to clients embarking on software upgrades or migrations.

Ansa du Plessis

Technical Copywriter, Inspired Testing

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