UK Law Firm Prepares For The Future With Elite 3e Upgrade Performance Testing

01 Jun 2023
Future-ready with Elite 3E performance testing

Inspired Testing’s Thomson Reuters Elite 3E expertise is helping another client to confidently make the move to the newer versions of the software. The client, a London-based law firm with more than 50 partners and more than 200 other fee-earners, specialises in domestic and international matters, including business law and private wealth, real estate, employment and immigration, and dispute resolution. It required performance testing of the upgrade of its current implementation of Elite 3E to the newer version 3.0 and beyond.

Any legal organisation’s requirements are very complex by its very nature, and the client was concerned that a software upgrade might hamper performance and cause bottlenecks in its workflows. The client required guidance on performance strategies based on proven experience and skills with Elite 3E, as it has no in-house performance testing capabilities.

Performance testing is essential to prevent any bottlenecks that will affect wait time and impact user satisfaction. It simulates real-world scenarios to ensure critical systems are ready for massive spikes in traffic volume. These performance factors include response time, throughput, resource utilisation, maximum user load, and behaviour under stress.

Inspired Testing created and performed a series of performance and load tests on the 3E application to verify that it can scale to support the required number of concurrent users without negatively affecting the performance factors. In doing so, the Inspired Testing team proved that not only can the new implementation handle the current number of users without issue, but it will also be able to handle double the number of concurrent users, meaning that the client can continue to grow with confidence.

Ansa du Plessis

Technical Copywriter, Inspired Testing

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