Inspired Testing's 9% recruitment disrupts the UK market

21 Aug 2020
Inspired Testing's 9% recruitment disrupts the UK market
Marina Baptista, People and Account Manager at Inspired Testing
Marina Baptista, People and Account
Manager at Inspired Testing

New Permanent Placement service slashes traditional recruitment agency fees to significantly lower onboarding costs for clients.

Global software testing company Inspired Testing has today launched a new service designed to match their client’s testing resource requirements at a fraction of the cost of traditional recruitment.

Modelled on the same process Inspired Testing uses to hire its own professional testing staff, Permanent Placements as a business will function like a matchmaking service for Inspired Testing’s clients in South Africa and the UK.

“Inspired Testing is a pure play testing company, offering our clients all things testing, from performance and automation testing, to functional and exploratory testing, whether off-site or on-site, off-shore or on-shore,” says Marina Baptista, People and Account Manager at Inspired Testing.

“Because of this, we have a strong pipeline of test professionals that have been assessed for our business by our Test Solutions Architect, through proven recruitment techniques and skills. Sadly, we can’t hire them all which is why we can offer them to our clients exclusively through a unique service offering, at a fraction of the cost that they would expect,” says Baptista.

“We are not a recruitment company, but we can offer permanent placements to our clients through this strong pipeline of test professionals, and at 9%, it doesn’t make sense to use a traditional recruitment agency that charge double that, and probably stand a lesser chance of finding the right candidate.”

Seven reasons why choose us for permanent placements

Baptista says the global pandemic has sped up a trend that had already started taking hold in the industry, with more and more companies wanting to retain their own specialised testing skills and keeping those skills available to them as and when required.

“Many businesses have reassessed their spending in 2020 due to COVID, with the cost of hiring new staff being one focus area largely scrutinised. Companies are making preference to partnering with service providers that are willing to reduce costs,” she says.

“The unemployment problem started well before the pandemic hit and is only going to get worse now that the pandemic has taken hold. However, companies still require well priced skills now more than ever, and are willing to hire, yet positions are not being filled,” she says.

“I believe the reason for this is attributed to both the high cost of recruitment as well as a limited understanding between technology businesses and generic agencies, which is why I think we have something unique to offer both our clients and potential job seekers.”

The Permanent Placement service process starts with an assessment of the clients’ requirements upfront. Once the technical and logistical needs for the role have been identified, Inspired Testing begins engaging with likeminded professionals – both internally and externally – who fit the specific profile. We don't just head hunt at this point. We delve into our extensive database of quality candidates that have already been pre-assessed and qualified upfront.

“We have a company of 300+ very successful employees that have come through the exact same proven process we’re now making available to our clients,” says Baptista. “From the client’s perspective, they get to engage with testing professionals, not just recruiters.”

“This is not a recruitment service, but rather a matchmaking service that bypasses traditional recruitment to overcome the disparity between what our clients need and what they have been receiving up until now, and far more cost effectively too.”

For more information or to find out how you or your company can engage with Inspired Testing’s new Permanent Placement service, contact Marina Baptista on

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