Famous British high fashion house Jimmy Choo’s company website lagged in responsiveness compared to its contemporaries and other retail outlets, something at odds with the pioneering brand. Inspired Testing conducted a full backend and frontend system review to isolate the reasons behind the performance discrepancies, implementing targeted and highly effective solutions that elevated Jimmy Choo’s online customer experience to one of the very best in its class.
This British global fashion retailer has a chain of high street shops and was founded in 1969. The chain sells womenswear, menswear, and clothing for teens.
The intention of the YellowTail performance testing was to establish load and performance metrics, and to discover any anomalies that may exist with the existing services. The intention is to use the load tests to improve performance and identify any issues.
Pioneering UK parcel delivery company Doddle contracted software and services specialist Inspired Testing to test and maintain the quality of its frequently updated web and smartphone software applications at its Global Test Centre in Cape Town, South Africa.